What Should A Hernia Patient’s Diet Contain?

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Rather than specifically pointing out the things to eat, it is better for you to understand how to go about cooking food. There are certain tips that you need to keep in mind while deciding on your hiatal hernia diet and how to plan it.

  • To begin with, you should avoid frying food and should instead look to consume baked food. Furthermore, you can also choose to skim off the fat from your food while cooking to make it a lot more consumable and less harmful.
  • Instead of choosing the full-fat ingredients to enhance the taste, use low-fat or moderate-fat ingredients that are available in abundance in the market. You can use your creativity to make the dish tastier without having to add the harmful fat-filled ingredients.
  • When it comes to fruits, hernia patients should prefer non-citrus ones like apples, melons, and berries.
  • Instead of dairy products, plant-based milk should be preferred which includes almond milk, for instance.
  • Fluids in the form of juices like cabbage, aloe Vera, and carrot should be regularly consumed by a hernia patient.
  • Keeping yourself hydrated is also necessary for hernia patients. It is suggested that should drink eight glasses per day at the very least.
  • The distribution of meals throughout the day is another important factor to consider. People generally eat 2-3 large meals per day. For hernia patients, though, the meals should be further distributed in the form of 4-5 small meals throughout the day.

Patient’s Diet

Other Lifestyle Changes To Go With The Diet


Eating healthy food and following a strict hiatal hernia diet won’t solve the entire problem. As already mentioned, a healthy and balanced diet needs to be supported by some lifestyle changes. These lifestyle changes not only help the treatment to work well but it also accentuates the positive effects of your changed diet.

To begin with, if there’s one thing hernia patients should avoid at all costs, it is sleeping right after they’ve had a meal. A wait for a couple of hours after dinner is important before going to bed. Furthermore, if you’re overweight, even if slightly, you should try your best to work on losing some weight via exercising.

As already mentioned in the diet part, if you’re suffering from hernia and are still smoking, you should stop right away. Consult experts who can help you in quitting smoking as it is not something you can just do in one day. There are a lot of helpline numbers you can contact in order to quit smoking.

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