Lipo Surgery: Achieve The Perfect Body Shape

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Do you feel conscious of how other people have beautiful and perfect body shapes? Do you feel hopeless because you have been doing a body workout for a month yet failed to achieve the body shape you wished to have? Liposuction will be the ideal solution, a cosmetic surgery that removes unwanted fats from the body. If you have tried exercise and diet, but the fat would not budge, liposuction helps.

The procedure will give you a smoother body shape. Liposuction surgery is not a weight-loss solution or a losing-weight procedure.

Understanding about lipo for beginners

Lipo is a cosmetic fat removal surgery that can permanently remove fat cells called adipocytes that store fat from the section of the body you want to improve. Lipo can help get rid of fat deposits that don’t respond to exercise and diet. Lipo also has another name: lipoplasty.

Parts of the body that can get lipo

Lipo procedure can be done anywhere on the body where fats can be deposited. Some common areas of the body where fats can be deposited are:

  • Abdomen
  • Stomach
  • Buttocks
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Thighs
  • Face, particularly on cheeks, chin or neck
  • Inner knee, calves or ankles
  • Upper arms

Ultrasonic liposuction vs traditional liposuction | ASPS

Who can have a lipo?

There are candidates for lipo, but they should meet requirements to ensure their procedure is safe and effective. Candidates who qualify for the lipo procedure include:

  1. Adults (average and slightly above-average weight)
  2. People with firm skin with good muscle tone and elasticity
  3. Adults with good overall health
  4. People with pockets of fat non responding well to exercise and diet
  5. Nonsmokers
  6. People with realistic goals for the result of the procedure

These are common qualifications that healthcare providers assess before recommending treatment. The provider lets you know if lipo is right for you.

Who can’t have a lipo?

Some factors cause a lipo procedure to be unsuccessful or unsafe in one’s overall health. You can’t have a lipo if:

  • Underweight
  • With serious or life-threatening health conditions
  • Unrealistic expectations for a procedure
  • Poor skin quality

Lipo alone can’t enhance loose or saggy skin. It is common after substantial weight loss. If the goal is getting rid of loose skin, a healthcare provider must recommend lipo along with excess skin removal.


Are older adults safe to have lipo?

Age is not a factor a provider needs to consider when discussing lipo. But, people above 65 of age have less firm skin or lose elasticity. As mentioned above, the only candidate for lipo surgery must have firmer and elasticity of the skin. Younger ages are more recommended to have lipo surgery since their skin still is firm.

Can men get a lipo?

Yes, any sex can undergo lipo. For people or men assigned male at birth, a healthcare provider recommends lipo to treat enlarged male breast tissue or gynecomastia.

Lipo is done if you have tried exercising and dieting for many years and certain areas of the body don’t refuse or respond to shrink naturally. Indeed, lipo is a permanent body modification and it is the easiest and quickest way to achieve the perfect body curve you have been dreaming of.

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