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During these tough times of the ongoing COVID pandemic, the gravity of the mass of the population has shifted towards maintaining proper health and keeping themselves physically and mentally robust. Therefore, the concept of a Healthy lifestyle comes to play here. It is the act of keeping oneself physically fit, energetic, and at a lower and reduced risk for diseases of any kind. By staying well, you can come to naturally enjoy more aspects of your life. One should know that the concept of a proper and balanced lifestyle involves more than just avoiding illnesses and staying physically well for one’s physical sake.

Healthy lifestyle

A correct healthy lifestyle is connected to our eventual longevity and being free from the clutches of several mental disorders. And despite most of us not witnessing or figuring it making a sudden impact in our daily life, it does make a significant difference in the long run for us. Many of the scientific and health-related surveys from the past years have stated that a good and well followed healthy lifestyle can increase up to around 12 to 14 years extra for women and 10 to 12 years in the case of men. This is indeed something for all of us to be well versed with.

Health Suggestions

Some of the important aspects of such a lifestyle incorporates- a nutritious and healthy diet (balanced meals containing fruits and vegetables, with clean drinking water for hydration and necessary roughage), followed by sound physical activity levels, proper dental care, sufficient mind and body rest, and practicing laughter therapy and meditation to keep ourselves stress-free and detoxed from unhealthy emotions. Smoking as a whole should be avoided, and one must reduce their alcohol intake to the minimum to lessen their risk of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Another factor to be noted is our Body Mass Index. An average healthy human has a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9; a piece of evidence to being physically well and fine.


To further spread the aim of a healthy lifestyle amongst more and more people in society, further efforts should be invested in the Public health system and policies rather than many of the companies focusing on producing fancy medications and drugs for treating diseases. Despite the awareness, nothing can stop the tobacco and fast food companies from making cigarettes and instant and oily food harmful for our bodies. They do not specifically work in favor of our care or well-being, so we as an individual should focus on purchasing less of such stuff and putting necessary efforts on ourselves.

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