What Everyone Must Know About Sciatica Treatment in Singapore?

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Sciatica pain is irritation, pinching, or compression of the sciatica nerve in the lower back. This is mainly caused due to herniated or slipped disk, which mainly causes pressure on the nerve root. Some of the important facts about sciatica treatment singapore have been discussed in this article.

Important symptoms of Sciatica to know about 

Below are some of the important symptoms of sciatica to know about:

  1. This mainly causes medium to severe pain in the lower back and the leg.
  2. The patient may feel weakness or numbness in their buttock, lower back, leg, or feet.
  3. This type of pain mainly worsens with the loss of movement.
  4. The person can feel a pinching feeling in their toes, legs, and feet.
  5. The patient may experience loss of bowel as well as bladder.

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Different treatment options for sciatica pain 

Sciatica mainly describes different types of leg or back symptoms. This mainly refers to sharp or burning pain which extends down the legs starting from the buttocks. Some of the important treatment options for sciatica mainly include:

  1. The patient may apply ice packs to decrease pain and swelling. One can also apply a frozen vegetable pack covered in a towel to the affected area. One can apply the same for 20 minutes, many times a day. One can also apply a hot pack or a heating pad after a few days.
  2. The patient may take medication to decrease inflammation, pain, as well as swelling. Some of the commonly used over-the-counter medicines included in this category are known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. This mainly includes ibuprofen, aspirin, as well as naproxen.
  3. The patient mainly needs to learn about some proper stretches from a certified instructor having experience with low back pain. One can work with other strengthening, core muscle strengthening as well as some aerobic exercises.
  4. One can also opt for physical therapy to look for exercise movements which can mainly reduce sciatica by decreasing the pressure on the nerve. This exercise program must include stretching exercises for improving muscle flexibility as well as some aerobic exercises.
  5. An anti-inflammatory medicine corticosteroid, which is mainly an injection which is mainly applied into the lower back. This might help to decrease the pain and swelling around the affected nerve roots. These injections mainly provide short-time pain relief. The patient mainly may feel some pressure as well as a burning sensation as the injection is being provided.
  6. Some of the other therapies are getting popular. These therapies are mainly used to treat as well as manage different types of pain. These methods mainly improve the conditions of sciatic pain including spine manipulation by yoga, licensed chiropractor, or acupuncture.

These are some of the important facts to know about Sciatica treatment in Singapore.

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